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These are the available options for expedited Russian Passport renewals for adults and minors 14 years of age and up, who have a valid Russian Internal Passport at the time they submit the application:. If these circumstances apply to you, you should a pply first for a new internal passport or confirm your Russian citizenship. At this moment we offer passports that will be valid for 5 years only non-biometrical passports. Temporarily we are not offering 10 year passports biometrical due to technical reasons.

Are you looking for expedited processing of a Russian travel passport for a child under the age of 14? Here is the link. We can process your application and send you the documents with no personal appearance or appointments at the consulate or our offices. STEP 1 you should mail the following items to us :.

Also, we will provide you with the shipping label which has all the information, including a tracking number and estimated time of delivery. If you need an expedited delivery overnight, a saturday delivery option please let us know and we will tell you the price.

About us Contacts Reviews News. Toll free number for the U. Attention: NO personal appearance needed to apply and to complete documents NO appointment needed at the Russian Consulate and no waiting to apply.

These are the available options for expedited Russian Passport renewals for adults and minors 14 years of age and up, who have a valid Russian Internal Passport at the time they submit the application: standard processing — 1.

It will be returned to you along with your new foreign travel passport; Payment of processing and shipping fees. We accept personal checks, money orders and cashier checks.Fraudulent checking the Russian passport is performed not only by law enforcement officers, but by the people being rather far from such activity. Well, for example — a simple and common situation: you want to rent or to rent out an apartment, or even an accommodation.

In any case, it is highly desirable to know whom you are dealing with — with criminals or with normal people. So, how can you check the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation? By the way, on this page you can check not only the passport, but a work permit for migrant workers, an invitation to enter the Russian Federation for foreign citizens. If the passport is invalid, it is better not to deal with the owner of such a document.

However, the very fact that the passport presented is valid does not mean that it belongs to the person presenting it.

Russian passport

Maybe it is the fake passport, but with the valid series and number. Maybe this passport is stolen or its previous owner has just lost it, and for some reason has not declared it to the police?

How to verify the authenticity of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation? Typically, the law-breakers do not trouble themselves on manufacturing the completely false passports — it is much easier to paste his or her photo in a stolen or lost passport.

Of course, the page with the photo is laminated, but it does not stop the criminals. After all, it is possible to paste the photo over the existing one, and re-laminate, or gently to remove the existing photo, paste the new one, and re-laminate, or, alternatively, to produce the entire false page and then paste it over the old one. Therefore, first of all — check the photo carefully, scrupulously. At first glance, is it all right? Check on. Perhaps, criminals acted in other way.

Sometimes the scammers try just to remove some pages from the forged passport and replace them with the pages from another genuine passport. This gross forgery is detected very easily — just compare the series and number of each page of the passport.

Obviously, they should not differ. Another sign that the pages in the passport were changed — even the slightest discrepancy in their size. Any page in the passport should not protrude beyond the others. In addition, any foreign recording marks or stamps are not allowed in the passport of the citizen of the RF. The page with the name and photo should be checked with particular care. The photo shows the main protection elements of these pages. On 1 st July, an issue of new passports started in Russia.

The main difference of a new passport form from an old one is a special box with basic information about the passport holder at the bottom under the photo. In addition, the watermark such as in the picture below must be clearly visible on all pages of the passport when holding to light.

In addition, the document should be checked for various inconsistencies : the date and place of birth, the year of birth, special attention must be paid to the stamp, for example, the fact that the passport was issued by one department, and a stamp of another department is used seems to be strange.

How to verify the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation

Indirect methods of verification give good results — for example, if the passport has been issued many years ago, and looks as good as new, or vice versa, looks very shabby — it makes think: perhaps the passport was confiscated for the time when its owner was in prison, and was recently returned, and a shabby passport can indicate that its owner led a violent vagabond life.

The page with the residence permit should also be carefully examined- if a person was de-registered at an address and then was re-registered at the same address in a few years — it almost certainly indicates the criminal past of a citizen. How to tell if a passport is fake?Open login. Follow USApostille.

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How to Identify Fake Russian Passports

Our Videos. FMS launched the automated service of checking validity of passport data. Any person or a legal entity can now check a civil passport by three positions: "valid", "invalid" and "no data". There is no personal information about passport owners in the database. It is impossible to receive an answer to the database query anonymously.

Answers will be sent via e-mail, FMS press service reported.

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One have to register on the official Web site of the Federal Migration Service to get access to the database of passports. The new service is intended for assistance to special services to check any passport which is used to make a judicial, financial, notary bargain. Tags: notary. Do you need Personal documents? We do Retrieval, Preparation and Legalization.

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fake russian passport

The fa.This external Russian passport is distinct from the internal Russian passportwhich is a mandatory identity document for travel and identification purposes within Russia. After the breakup of the Soviet Union inthe Soviet Union passport continued to be issued until with a validity of 5 years, when the first modern Russian passport are known to be issued. The first version of passports issued in was handwritten.

Passports issued from to were machine-readable passportshad a validity of 5 years and included 36 pages.

fake russian passport

InRussia issued the first machine-readable biometric passports and inthe design of the biometric passports was modified to include 46 pages and have a validity of 10 years. Citizens under 18 traveling without either of their parents must have written consent of both parents allowing their departure from the country.

When a child travels with one parent, consent of another parent is not required. Articles 20 and 21 of the Federal Law "On the entry in the Russian Federation and departure from the Russian Federation" govern only departure from Russia and have nothing to do with the requirements of other countries regarding entry to these countries.

In addition to regular passports there are two special-purpose types of passports for travelling abroad: diplomatic passports and service passports issued to government employees abroad on official business.

fake russian passport

Foreigners arriving in Russia met various restrictions in the Tsarist period ; border magistrates could allow foreigners to pass within the state only with the permission of the senior government. As a general rule letters carriageways were built by Peter I decree of October 30,in connection with the entered his conscription and head tax. Into prevent the possibility to evade the payment of the poll tax, special rules about absences of peasants.

Under the legislation in force for the period of in Russia in the place of residence, as a general rule, the passport was not required. The capital and other cities which declared an emergency situation or enhanced protection were the exception.

In addition, in areas that were subject to the rules on the supervision of industrial establishments, the workers of factories and plants were required to have a passport, and in the place of permanent residence.

Law of June 10, the regulations on residence permits June 3, extended to the provinces of the Kingdom of Poland, with some modifications. Formed inthe Committee on the needs of the agricultural industry is recognized as desirable in the types of facilitating the movement of agricultural workers, the simplification of passport regulations. A special meeting of the needs of the agricultural industry has been entrusted to the Minister of Internal Affairs of the revision of statutes on residence permits, in the sense of saving for a passport solely value of an identity document.

Elaborated on these grounds ina new draft statute was a passport to postpone consideration until the convocation of the State Duma. Immediately after the Russian Revolution the Russian Republic not followed the emigration; Many disagreed with the new regime left the country since to the end of the s left the country about 8, people, including about scientists for comparison, in the period from toaccording to various estimates from 25, scientists left Russia [2].

Intwo flights so-called philosophical ship from Petrograd to Stettin and several ships from the territory of Ukraine and trains from Moscow on the personal instructions of Lenin were expelled intellectuals philosophers BerdyaevIlyinFrank and Bulgakov.

Of the emigrants only a small part returned, such as Marina Tsvetaeva and Alexei Tolstoy. By the mids the Soviet government sealed the borders. Traveling to capitalist countries was only possible to employees of the Foreign Ministrythe nomenklatura and selected artists while most ordinary Soviet citizens had the opportunity to travel only in socialist countries with trade union tours.

The third and final wave of Soviet emigration coincided with the rupture of relations with Israel. As a result, in the s only about 4, people had left, many against their will, for example, such well-known dissidents as Brodsky, Aksenov, Aleshkovsky, Voinovich, Dovlatov, Gorenstein, Galich.

On May 20,a few months before the collapse of the USSRthe last Soviet law on the exit of citizens abroad was adopted, according to which citizens could leave at the request of the state, public and religious organisations and enterprises. Inexit visas were canceled and free issuing of passports was allowed. The right to freely leave the country was enshrined in a law.Our Features.

We keep all our clients encrypted for a period no longer than 1 months after we ship out our clients order, after which all the information will be deleted from our servers. High Materials Genuine sophisticated materials are used for the production of the documents.

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Durability and Guarantee Our documents are accepted globally and are very authentic, So clients will be able to travel and stay in other countries safety. Our Products.Last visit was: Fri Apr 17, pm. Quick links. Romance Scam Please report romance scams and dating scams here. We accept reports on Russian scammers and Nigerian scammers.

Disclaimer regarding pictures posted on the board: please understand that you are NOT looking at the pictures of people who are actually scamming you.

The people portrayed on these photos are innocent men and women, NOT involved in scamming in any way and have nothing to do with scammers.

The scammers are using their images without their knowledge or permission to deceive their victims and steal their money. The scammers are using their images without their knowledge and permission to deceive their victims and scam them out of money.

fake russian passport

Please let the mods post here, only! It's important that the images are saved into a permanent site. MODS: Upload to the 'passports' or 'visas' album at our photobucket site.

Paste the image in the message, and put the Name and number in either the subject line, or message This way we can eventually do a search of the passport number, and come up with a list of 'fake' passports using the same control number. Never send money to somebody you only know from the internet, or phone calls! Please support this site. Passports used by scammers Sponsor.

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